NaturePainter Digital Canvas Screenshots

October 17, 2014 Posted by naturepainter

NaturePainter Digital Canvas was designed to be a realistic painting simulator. You can paint in any style with NaturePainter; we provide the tools to allow you to paint including brushes, palette knife, and the ability to mix paint to experiment with color.

NaturePainter Canvas This first shot shows the NaturePainter interface… more
NaturePainter Tutorials are a great place to start! NaturePainter provides visual tutorials to help you get started… more
'The Basics' Tutorial is a good starting  point The ‘Basics’ tutorial shows you the various brushes and tools within NaturePainter… more
‘got inspiration?’ NaturePainter can help!… more
A more advanced tutorial teaches you to paint a mountain NaturePainter also includes several more advanced tutorials… more
Before and After ! In this final screenshot, you are able to see the ‘after’ picture of the mountain scene tutorial… more